Beard Oil Vanilla Supreme Tonka Bean from Bartstoppel


Beard Oil Vanilla Supreme Tonka Bean from Bartstoppel

🧔🏻Fine, sensual vanilla-tonka bean fragrance
✅ For a smooth & well-groomed beard
✅ Excellent care effect thanks to high-quality oils such as Moroccan argan oil
✅ Provides beard & skin with moisture
✅ Relieves itching, prevents dandruff & skin irritation
✅ Beard growth: Castor oil promotes & stimulates natural beard growth
✅ Beard softener: for care after shaving, for the three-day beard & full beard care
✅ Lends your beard an exclusive fragrance



Beard Oil Vanilla Supreme Tonka Bean from Bartstoppel

The Beard Oil Vanilla Supreme is not only a high-quality care product for the beard, but also a true sensual experience. The warm and seductive scent of vanilla unfolds when the oil is applied and envelops the beard wearer in an exotic aura. The scent of vanilla is known to have a calming and relaxing effect, making the beard oil an ideal choice for men seeking rest and relaxation after a long day.

Beard Oil Vanilla Supreme: shine & intensive care

In addition to the sensual fragrance, Beard Oil Vanilla Supreme also provides intensive care for the beard. The oil’s unique formula penetrates deep into the hair follicles and moisturizes to revitalize dry and brittle beard hair. It also prevents split ends and hair breakage by supplying the hair with important nutrients and making it supple and shiny.

Beard Oil Vanilla Supreme is suitable for all beard lengths and types. Whether you have a short designer beard or a long full beard, the oil is easy to massage into the beard hair and absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue. Instead, it leaves a subtle shine and makes the beard smooth and easy to comb.

Beard Oil Vanilla Supreme: All natural, all fine!

Another advantage of vanilla beard oil is its natural composition. It contains no harmful chemicals or artificial fragrances, but is based on purely natural ingredients. The oil is made from high-quality vegetable oils such as jojoba oil, argan oil and almond oil, which are known for their moisturizing and nourishing properties. These natural ingredients also make the beard oil suitable for sensitive skin types and minimize the risk of skin irritation or allergies.

Beard Oil Vanilla Supreme: How to use?

To get the most out of BARTSTOPPEL Beard Oil Vanilla Supreme, it is recommended that you apply a small amount of the oil to the palms of your hands and then gently massage it into your beard. Particular attention should be paid to the skin under the beard to moisturize it and relieve itching. The beard oil can be used daily and is a simple and effective way to keep the beard in top condition and give it an irresistible scent.

The nourishing ingredients of vanilla beard oil offer a multitude of benefits for a healthy beard and healthy skin underneath. Argan oil is known for its moisturizing benefits and helps to prevent dry and flaky skin. It also contains antioxidants that can help protect the skin from free radical damage.

Jojoba oil is another valuable ingredient that moisturizes the beard and makes it feel smooth and soft. It also contains anti-inflammatory benefits that can help reduce skin irritation and redness. In addition, jojoba oil is light and non-greasy, so it does not weigh down the beard or make it look greasy.

Almond oil is also an important component of vanilla beard oil. It is rich in vitamin E, which helps to soothe the skin and protect it from irritation. Vitamin E is also known to slow down skin ageing and promote hair growth. In addition, almond oil contains essential fatty acids that can help to strengthen and nourish the beard.

Beard Oil Vanilla Supreme: sensual, subtle fragrance

The warm and sensual scent of the vanilla note adds an extra dimension to the beard oil. The fragrance is not only pleasant for the wearer, but can also attract other people. With its subtle and masculine character, vanilla beard oil is a great way to care for your beard and enjoy a subtle fragrance at the same time.

Beard Oil Vanilla Supreme can be used in various ways. It can be applied to towel-dried hair after shampooing to moisturize and condition the beard. Alternatively, it can also be used as a subtle perfume for the beard by applying a drop to the palms of the hands and then gently working it into the beard. In this way, the fragrance can last all day and leave the beard smelling pleasant.

Beard Oil Vanilla Supreme: Results

Regular use of Beard Oil Vanilla Supreme leads to long-term results. The beard becomes healthier, stronger and less brittle. The skin underneath is moisturised and remains supple. Beard oil can also help to stimulate beard growth and reduce unwanted hair loss.

To achieve the best results, it is advisable to use the beard oil daily. Regular use ensures that the nourishing ingredients of the oil are optimally absorbed by the skin and beard hair. This leads to improved health of the beard and the underlying skin.

The Beard Oil Vanilla Supreme contains high-quality ingredients that have been specially developed for the care of beard hair and skin. It contains natural oils such as argan oil, jojoba oil and almond oil, which are rich in vitamins and antioxidants. These ingredients help to strengthen and nourish the beard and give it a healthy shine.

The Beard Oil Vanilla Supreme also has a pleasant fragrance that lasts all day. The subtle vanilla scent gives the beard an additional attraction and ensures a pleasant fragrance experience.


The Beard Oil Vanilla Supreme from BARTSTOPPEL is a high-quality care product for men with beards. It conditions, nourishes and gives the beard a sensual and warm fragrance. The natural ingredients make the beard soft and supple. The skin underneath is moisturised. The beard oil is easy to use and does not leave a greasy film. Regular use leads to long-term results and a healthy, well-groomed beard. The Beard Oil Vanilla Supreme is cruelty-free, vegan and packaged in an environmentally friendly way. Convince yourself of the quality and effect of the Beard Oil Vanilla Supreme by BARTSTOPPEL!

Beard Oil Vanilla Supreme is suitable for all beard lengths and types. Whether you have a short stubble beard, a medium-length full beard or a long beard, the beard oil will care for your beard hair and give it a healthy shine. It is also suitable for sensitive skin and helps to reduce itching and skin irritation.

Explore the world of Bartstoppel©:

Launched in 2019, the Vienna-founded brand BARTSTOPPEL© Cosmetics has a clear focus on first-class beard care products. With a dedicated five-person team, the company offers an extensive product range that is available in countries such as Austria, Germany and the UK. The product range includes 16 different beard oils, 1 ayurvedic beard and hair oil, 7 different beard waxes, 2 beard balms and various Beard care sets.

A central concern of BARTSTOPPEL© is the harmonious combination of quality and variety. The products are characterised by first-class quality based on purely natural ingredients. The company endeavours to create care products that benefit both the beard and the skin and effectively prevent skin irritation.

The philosophy of BARTSTOPPEL© stands for quality and variety, which is achieved through natural and skin-friendly ingredients. The use of harmful additives such as parabens and sulphates is consistently avoided. Instead, we use selected oils such as argan, jojoba, almond, coconut and castor oil as well as shea butter and beeswax in our beard waxes.

A special highlight is the Ayurvedic beard and hair oil, enriched with Indian neem, sesame oil and a blend of pure essential oils.

An additional plus point: The beard oils are made without animal testing and are vegan.

Text: Elke Grössler, Bartstoppel© Online editorial team